Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

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Veterinary diagnostic imaging is an important part of keeping your dogs and cats happy and healthy at every stage of their life. Ultrasounds and x-rays are essential tools that can be used to track your pet’s health and pick up any early signs of disease so that we can provide the correct treatment.

 At Plus One Vet, we have a caring and compassionate team of highly skilled professionals led by Dr Leo Wong, a fully qualified and extremely experienced vet who understands just how important your pet is in your life and wants to help you give them the best and longest life possible. We offer safe and superior diagnostic imaging for pet owners with cats and dogs in Sunnybank and surrounding suburbs, including Calamvale and Algester.

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary Radiography

Our animal x-rays are performed using advanced diagnostic imaging technology that allows us to safely and accurately assess the health of your pet’s internal organs and bones. The procedure is pain-free and done quickly in a calm environment to expose your dog or cat as little radiation as possible. An x-ray can detect anything from broken bones to hip dysplasia, cancer and bladder stones.

dog Xray

Veterinary Dental X Ray

Keep your pet’s pearly whites in top form with a dog dental x ray or cat dental x ray. Dental radiographs are painless and can detect early signs of gum disease in your pets so that it can be treated before becoming more serious. Some of the most common signs your pet may have gum disease include:

Brown or yellow teeth

Red and swollen gums

Bad breath

Luckily, a dental x-ray can quickly diagnose the problem so that we can provide a customised dental treatment plan to prevent it from becoming worse.

Cat & Dog X Ray

If your dog or cat has been injured, is not feeling well or is showing other signs of distress, an x-ray can help to understand the reason and extent of the issue. X-rays are performed quickly with the results being available soon afterwards and are non-invasive. Our friendly team of experts use the latest radiology machines to perform everything from a cat paw xray to a chest and abdominal x-ray so that we can plan the next step in your pet’s treatment including surgery if necessary.

cat paw Xray

Pet Ultrasound

An animal ultrasound is a great way to see what is going on inside your dog or cat so that we can help to keep them in optimal health. An ultrasound sends sound waves reflecting off internal organs and tissues to produce a computer-generated image that vets can use to diagnose any issues. With a cat or dog ultrasound, we can detect:

Pregnancy and the number of babies

 Foreign objects that have been ingested

Echocardiogram for Cardiac problems

Tumours and masses

Enlarged organs

 How well blood flows through the arteries and more

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Keep your Pets Happy and Healthy with Plus One Vet

If you’ve been searching for a ‘pet surgery near me’ who does high-quality veterinary diagnostic imaging, Plus One Vet is the place to trust. We provide affordable services with fast and accurate results and go the extra mile to ensure your fur babies are comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. Call Plus One Vet today to discuss your needs or book online through the website. We look forward to meeting you both!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Plus One Vet.

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