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One Pus Vet Sunnybank

“Caring for your Plus One like our own”

The name Plus One came up as a concept 3 years before opening our vet clinic, when my wife and I were chatting about our clinic’s name (if we ever have one in the future). We saw this article about raising children and one of the lines was: “The minute your child was born, he/she doesn’t have a choice but has become your Plus One.”

The words “Plus One” had then been stuck in my head.  By God’s Grace, our dream has now come true…

At Plus One Vet, we believe that all pets are our plus ones in our lives.

Our Motto:

Provide quality pet care for our “Plus One”

At Plus One Vet, we believe that all pets are our plus ones in our lives

Affordable Pet Care

We believe that pets should not go without care simply because of economic reasons.

Cultural Diversity

We speak your language: Aside from English, our staff can speak in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Educational Focused Care

Strong focus in client education so YOU know how best to look after your “Plus One”

One Big Family

We build personal relationships with our clients, so you’re part of our family

Come talk to us even if you don’t need us! We won’t bite We look forward to meeting all of you and your Plus One! laughing

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