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Regular pet check ups are important for your pet, to help ensure your cat or dog remains in optimal health. Check ups give you the opportunity to ask our vet questions and they allow us to get to know you and your pet. This will allow our team to detect any possible issues early and provide you with the information needed to prevent diseases before they arise.

Importance of a regular pet check up 

You may have heard one cat or dog year is equal to 7 human years. It’s true. On average, cats and dogs age 5 to 8 times faster than us, so they reach adulthood after a couple of years. This means illnesses and diseases caused by aging, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease can occur far earlier than they do in humans. 

By Scheduling a regular pet check up with our team here at Plus One Vet we can help to ensure your pet stays healthy and remains one step ahead of serious illness, as we believe prevention is always best where possible.

When should I do health check for my dog or cat? 

It’s a good idea to bring your pet in for two pet health checks per year. This is to stay on top of routine vaccinations and recommended examinations, and to discuss anything concerning you. 

We can guide you through vaccinations required during your cat or dog’s first year of life. There are then a number of annual health checks and vaccinations to keep on top of including checks for your pet’s heart and teeth – as well as checks for parasites. We will also conduct blood tests and urinalysis to screen for other conditions. 

As your pet reaches its senior years (ages 7 and up), we will recommend additional checks. We will explain what to expect at each check up, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to your beloved family member.


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What is involved with a general vet check up

At a routine general pet check up, we will review your pet’s medical history and ask if you have any specific questions or concerns about your cat or dog’s health, including physical health, as well as nutrition and behaviour. 

As your pet isn’t able to tell us directly if they aren’t feeling well, we can certainly look for signs and examine them by:

Listening to their lungs and heart

Examining your cat or dog’s eyes to check for signs of tearing, discharge, redness, cloudiness – or if there are eyelid issues.

Checking their coat to review its overall condition, for any evidence of hair loss or dandruff.

Observing their feet, for damage or signs of a more serious health condition

Examining their abdomen to observe if internal organs appear normal or if your pet shows signs of discomfort, indicating a potential problem.

Checking their stance, gait and weight

Examining your pet’s ears for signs of bacterial infection, ear mites, wax build-up or polyps.

Taking a close look at your dog or cat’s teeth for any signs of periodontal disease, damage or decay.

Checking your pet’s skin for issues like parasites, dryness, lumps and bumps.

Feeling your cat or dog’s body for any swelling, evidence of lameness or signs of pain.


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Dog health check up

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Arranging a regular health check for your dog is very important, even if your dog appears well and thriving. 

We may see you regularly during the vaccination period, which will be later for larger breeds, than small. We can advise you on the recommended health check schedule for your dog. 

General check ups for your dog will follow a similar routine for the first few years, but as your dog reaches its senior years (aged 7 and up), we will advise additional tests for osteoarthritis and thyroid. We will also conduct a chest radiograph to ensure your pet remains in good health and any issues are detected early.

We will continue to be available to answer any questions, to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Cat check ups

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Wellness checks for cats will also be similar for a number of years following their vaccinations. However, when cats are aged 7 and older, we will conduct additional checks for osteoarthritis, renal disease, blood pressure and thyroid. 

Dr Leo and the team at Plus One Vet are highly experienced and understand how important your four-legged friend is to you, so we ensure every time you visit our practice we provide the time, care and passion to ensure we are looking after the total well being of your pet.


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