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Learning your pet requires surgery can feel confronting. Here at Plus One Vet, we’re here to provide you and your pet with comfort and reassurance as you prepare for pet surgery, during the procedure and with aftercare.

We believe all animals, just like their owners, deserve to live a comfortable, pain-free life in good health.

What animal surgeries are available for my dog or cat? 

We provide a range of surgeries for cats and dogs, including soft tissue surgery, Orthopaedic surgery, eye surgery, abdominal procedures, dental surgery as well as cancer surgery. 

Pet Surgery Brisbane

Soft Tissue Surgery

Does your pet have a wound or injury? Soft Tissue Surgery may be required to rectify the issue, to ensure your pet is comfortable and able to heal. 

Soft palate resection is another common surgery we perform, involving the removal of the soft tissue, or distal, at the back of the roof of your pet’s mouth. This surgery is required if your dog or cat is experiencing respiratory issues as a result of the palate extending the length of the mouth and interfering with the epiglottis during breathing.

Eye Surgery

Your pet may need eye surgery if they are having trouble seeing, or if an ulcer, tumour, or prolapsed third eyelid has appeared. 

We also perform surgery to treat a condition called entropion. You may notice your pet has wet, sore eyes and starts to blink a lot. Entropion occurs where an animal’s upper or lower eyelids have rolled inward, meaning their eyelids begin rubbing against the cornea. 

Cancer Surgery

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is very challenging, and we understand there is a lot to process. We are here to support you and explain the best course of action. Surgery can be an effective treatment option. Common procedures we perform are for skin masses, splenic tumours, osteosarcomas, anal gland adenocarcinomas, mammary gland cancers and white car ear and nose cancer.

Orthopaedic Surgery

There are a number of reasons orthopaedic surgery may be required, to treat fractures, broken bones, tendon tears and even hip dislocation. 

Typical orthopaedic surgery includes: 

  • MLP (Medial Patella Luxation) – Required when an animal’s kneecap (patella) moves from its normal position, causing pain and lameness as it wears the cartilage.
  • MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) – A procedure we perform at Plus One Vet to treat ACL tears in dogs. This happens when dogs tear the cruciate ligament connecting the back of the femur to the front of the tibia within the knee. 
  • Fractures – Often occurring in either the pelvis or limbs. We also perform surgery for anconeal fractures. This is in your dog’s elbow and can be damaged in young dogs as a result of trauma, such as jumping off high objects while bones are still immature.
  • Hip Dislocation – Dislocation of the hip can occur after an incident like a car accident when the hip comes out of its socket. 

Abdominal Surgery

Does your cat or dog have a sore abdomen? Your pet may be uncomfortable because they have eaten something that didn’t agree with them. Time may be needed for the food to pass through them. In some cases, surgery may be needed if there is a gastrointestinal obstruction, foreign body in the oesophagus or if the discomfort is due to a bladder stone. 


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Your local experts in animal surgery 

We understand bringing your pet in for surgery is a challenging time. We are experienced pet surgeons and can answer any questions you have and provide you and your dog or cat with the support you need. 

We understand there are a variety of reasons your pet may need surgery. Providing your dog or cat with the best pet surgeon is our highest priority, ensuring the process is smooth and the best outcome is provided for you and your pet.

How much does pet surgery cost? 

Just as your pet is unique, each surgery is different too, depending on the size, breed and age of your cat or dog. 

Diagnostic imaging for pets

Here at Plus One Vet, we offer a range of imaging options in order to diagnose if your pet requires surgery. Some of the Diagnostic Imaging we offer are x-rays and dental x-rays and also ultrasounds.


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Introducing Dr Leo Wong

Plus One Vet Owner Dr Leo Wong is a Hong Kong born, Australian board registered veterinary surgeon. He graduated from the University of Queensland, and has worked in multiple vet practices in Hong Kong and Australia before opening Plus One Vet. He has many years’ experience as an animal surgeon, especially with complex soft tissue. 

If you have found us by googling ‘pet surgery near me’, you will be pleased to know we offer procedures for dogs and cats in the Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Calamvale and Algester areas of Brisbane. We’re thrilled you’ve found us. 

Dr Leo Wong

Dr Leo Wong

Veterinary Surgeon


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