Pet Euthanasia

Caring and Supportive Pet Euthanasia 

Making the decision to have your loved pet put down is not easy. Your pet is a much-loved member of your family and making this tough choice often goes against your desire to care for your cat or dog. 

However, if your pet is suffering or is in the final stages of a terminal illness, euthanising is often the kind choice. 

We understand that this process can be heart-breaking.  This is why the caring team at Plus One Vet, provides you with all of the information you need, to ensure this is the right decision and time for your pet.  We ensure this heartbreaking process is as stress-free as possible, and most importantly providing a peaceful and respectful end of life journey for your beloved pet.

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Pain Free and Gentle Cat & Dog Euthanasia 

Seeing your aging dog or cat in discomfort or pain everyday is very difficult. This could be due to arthritis, injury or a terminal disease. While it would be preferable to see our pets drift off in their sleep as they become elderly and frail, this is not very common. 

Considering saying goodbye to your dog or cat can evoke a huge range of emotions, from sadness and guilt to worry. These are all normal emotions about death and dying, particularly when it involves a beloved four legged family member. 

If you’re wondering whether putting your cat or dog to sleep is the best approach, we recommend giving us a call to discuss your options and arrange an appointment at our vet clinic. This will allow us to assess your dog or cat and go over every option before making a decision.

Saying Goodbye To Furry Family Member

As all of our team members love and are passionate about animals, we ensure all family members are supported and provide empathy through the final stage of your pet’s life.

Our cat and dog euthanasia services include:

Deciding it's time to say goodbye

We take the time to discuss the best options for your dog or cat, discuss any concerns or individual requests, and answer any questions.

Drift of to Sleep Peacefully

When administering the euthanasia drug, we ensure your pet is calm and pain-free. Ensuring they leave us peacefully.

Calm, Peaceful & Comfortable

We provide a mild sedative to your cat or dog, to help them feel relaxed and comfortable.  We allow you and your family to say your final goodbyes and remain with your pet to ensure they have familiar faces and know they are loved right till the end.

Post Care

We can help you with any end-of-life wishes you have, either in our clinic, or by referring you to other service providers.

Our Team Are Here to Help

Sometimes critical and life threatening situations occur, requiring assistance urgently and decisions need to be made quicker than what you would like to.  Rest assured that Dr Leo Wong and the team at Plus One Vet are here to support all animal owners in Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Algester and Calamvale with their expertise, compassion and dignity.

We treat all of our dogs and cats as individuals and therefore each pet is unique as is the process to end their life journey.  Contact our team today to discuss your individual requests and needs, and how much it would cost to peacefully say goodbye the way you feel is best.

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