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5 Common Pet Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Do you know that your pet’s oral hygiene is just as important as yours? Just like human teeth, pets need regular dental care to prevent or reduce the risk of dental problems. Poor oral health can significantly impact your pet’s overall well-being and quality of life.

In this blog post, we will discuss five common pet dental problems and how you can prevent them from occurring.

Cat and dog dental problems

Cat and dog dental problems can range from minor to severe.
Some common issues include plaque and tartar build-up, gingivitis, periodontal disease, cavities, malocclusion (misaligned teeth), broken or fractured teeth and oral tumours.

Gum disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common dental issue in both cats and dogs and can be caused by poor oral hygiene or underlying health conditions.

It affects the structures that support the teeth, including the gums, ligaments, and bones. In its early stages, it may cause some redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums. As it progresses, your pet may experience pain, bad breath and even tooth loss.

Broken/fractured teeth

Broken or fractured teeth can happen to cats and dogs of any age.
They are commonly caused by trauma, such as being hit by an object or falling. In some cases, they can also be caused by chewing on hard objects or due to dental disease.

Broken teeth can cause severe pain and infection, so it is important to seek veterinary care right away if you suspect your pet has a fractured tooth.

common Pet Dental problems

Bad breath

Bad breath (halitosis) may be a sign of poor dental health in cats and dogs. The cause is usually bacteria that accumulates on the teeth and gums. If your pet’s breath smells particularly bad, it is a good idea to take them to the vet for an oral health assessment.

Loss of teeth

Loss of teeth can be a serious issue for cats and dogs, and can have a significant impact on their overall health and well-being.
In cats and dogs, tooth loss can be caused by trauma, dental disease and underlying health conditions.
If you notice your pet is having trouble eating because of tooth loss, it is important to take them to the vet for a check-up.

Plaque or tartar build-up on teeth

Plaque or tartar build-up on teeth is one of the most common dental issues in cats and dogs, and can leave your pet’s mouth feeling uncomfortable and leading to more serious oral health issues.
Tartar is formed when plaque hardens on the teeth, and can lead to inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) as well as the start of periodontal disease.

Common dog teeth problems

Common dog teeth problems can range from minor to severe. Some of the most common dental issues experienced by dogs include tartar build-up, gingivitis, periodontal disease, broken or fractured teeth, cavities and oral tumours.
To help prevent these issues, it is important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly with a canine specific toothpaste, feed them dental chews, provide regular veterinary examinations and cleanings.

How to prevent Cat and dog teeth problems

One of the best ways to prevent cat and dog dental problems is by practising good oral hygiene habits.

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. This should be done daily, or at least a few times weekly. It is essential to use a toothbrush specifically designed for pets and pet-safe toothpaste when brushing your cat’s teeth at home.

Another way to prevent dental problems in cats and dogs is by providing them with chew toys that help remove plaque from their teeth. Chew toys are a great way for your pet to get the oral stimulation they need, while also helping them keep their teeth clean.

You should also have your pet’s teeth checked by a veterinarian every so often. A professional dental cleaning can help keep their oral health in top condition and significantly reduce the risk of dental issues.

Following these tips can help ensure your cat or dog’s teeth remain healthy and free from problems. It is important to remember that good oral hygiene is essential for your pet’s overall health and well-being.

brushing cats teeth

Professional Pet Dental Checks

Regular dental check-ups and dental cleanings are essential to maintain good oral health for your pup and to prevent any further damage from occurring. With early detection of common pet dental problems and regular maintenance, your dog’s teeth can remain healthy for years to come!

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