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If you’re after compassion and care for your cat or dog, in the Sunnybank or Sunnybank Hills area, we’re excited to get to know you. We understand your pet is an essential part of the community and a valued member of your family. 

We see cats and dogs for all their pet needs, no matter the stage of life they are at. Dr Leo Wong has been working within the Sunnybank area for many years and understands the needs of local families, the community and most importantly your four-legged family member.  Our team is fluent in English,  Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien, so no matter your cultural background you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the doors.


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Your Local Sunnybank Hills Vet Clinic

If you’re looking for the best vet Sunnybank has to offer, look no further than Dr Leo. 

Dr Leo Wong is the Owner of Plus One Vet, a Sunnybank Veterinary Clinic. Dr Leo is well-known in the local communities as a much-loved and respected vet, with vast veterinary experience and specialisations in desexing, surgery and complex soft tissue repair. 

We’re excited to welcome families we know as well as new families to Plus One Vet.

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General Health Checks

We recommend wellness checks for cats and dogs twice per year, but this will vary depending on your pet’s age and breed. 


sunnybank pet vaccination


Kittens and puppies usually begin their vaccination schedule from the age of 8 to 10 weeks,  We can create a specific vaccination plan tailored for your pet.

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 Dr Leo is highly skilled in veterinary surgery and will be able to recommend the best treatment options for your cat or dog.


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When welcoming a new cat or dog into your family or even once your loved pet has been in your home for a while, desexing your pet is one area Dr Leo and the team can assist.

Sunnybank Vet Dental Clinic


We treat and offer dental care ensuring your pet maintains optimal dental hygiene, as well as providing advice on how to look after your pet’s teeth at home. 



Dr Leo Wong is the Veterinary Director, owner of Plus One Vet and is an expert and renowned vet in the Sunnybank community. Dr Leo is a board registered veterinary surgeon who was born in Hong Kong and studied at the University of Queensland. 

Dr Leo and his qualified team believe that your pet is a Plus One to your family and pride themselves on providing the best pet care available while educating you on how to look after your special Plus One at home.

Sunnybank Vet Clinic Dr Leo
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Affordable Surgery and Service

We believe that pets Should have access to care at a low cost

Sunnybank Hills Vet

Diverse Culture 

Not only do we speak English, our staff are fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Sunnybank veterinary clinic

Education Focused Care

Providing you with the knowledge to best care for your “Plus One”

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you’re part of our family

We want to build personal relationships with you!


07 3707 5432


07 3707 5434

Exceptional Pet Care

Recent Sunnybank Vet Reviews

Melissa Martin


“Cant enough about this vet! Dr Leo looked after us through tough times. We our put to sleep after going through a series of treatment without significant improvement. He would always take the extra effort to give us advices even out of office hours. sense that he genuinely cares about us as clients, but as friends.
He also look after my other furball

Best vet we’ve seen. Period.”

Joseph Cheng


I want to share my recent real case Dr Leo Wong. My two little ones were up to regular dental check up. Leo spent a of time and explained what the procedures and results would be. After the dental services, Leo checked up our dogs’ progress regularly. Also, he is very polite and patient to answer my call and message whenever I have questions. Apart from his professional advice, I would his love and care about animals are highly appreciated. My dogs love being around him all the time.

Thank Dr Leo your great help and care. Highly recommend him to all of my friends.”

Edison Chang


“Spoken to Leo when the my accidentally ate sth! Leo professional and friendly! He carefully treated my and I impressed about his service! Recommend to all people who lives in Sunnybank! Especially if need mandarin/Cantonese speaking Vet! Here will be your choice!”

Eris Chen


“I highly recommend Dr Leo as he always goes the extra mile with everything for both my dog and my cat.”

He is very gentle and take a lot of care making sure we are well informed and stay up to date with our worming schedule and vaccination.

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