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Plus One Vet is the perfect place to take your pet if you’re looking for a Mount Gravatt veterinary clinic. Our vets and staff are passionate about animal welfare and providing the best possible care for your beloved pet.

Plus One Vet offers a wide range of services, from routine check-ups and vaccinations to more complex procedures such as surgery. You can rest assured that your pet will receive the highest standard of care at Plus One Vet. Dr Leo & the team understand how important pets are in our lives, that’s why we understand the unique needs of your furry family member.

At Plus One Vet we are fluent in not only English but also Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese & Taiwanese Hokkien. This means no matter your cultural background you’ll feel comfortable from the time you walk through our doors.


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Mount Gravatt Vet Clinic Services

If you’re looking for the best vet Mount Gravatt has to offer, look no further than Plus One Vet and Dr Leo. 

Plus One Vet is your local Mount Gravatt vet clinic. We offer a wide range of services to keep your pet healthy and happy, including general health checks, vaccinations, surgery, desexing, and dental. We can provide you with everything you need to care for your pet.

We love welcoming families we know as well as new families into our Plus One Vet family.

General Check Up

A pet general health check is recommended every 6-12 months. This gives us a chance to check your pets overall health to identify any potential health problems early.


Desexing is a common surgical procedure that we perform at Plus One Vet. Desexing has many benefits and is usually carried out between 4-6 months old.


Vaccinations are an important part of preventative healthcare for your pet. Our team here at Plus One Vet can tailor a vaccination schedule to suit your pet’s individual needs.


Good dental health is important for your pet’s wellbeing. We offer dental services, from regular teeth cleaning to more complex dental surgery & X-rays. 


If your pet requires surgery, we can perform a wide range of surgical procedures, from routine desexing to more complex orthopaedic & soft tissue surgeries.

Diagnostic Imaging

At Plus One Vet we offer a range of Diagnostic Imaging to help find issues and prevent disease early. We can provide Xrays for dental and general surgery matters.


Plus One Vet is a modern and well-equipped veterinary clinic. Our vets are experienced and passionate about animal care, and we offer a high standard of service to all of our clients. We believe all pets are a Plus One in your family, and we will do everything we can to provide the best possible care for them.

Dr Leo is a highly experienced and qualified vet who has been working in the field for over 20 years. He has a passion for animal care and enjoys helping owners to keep their pets healthy and happy. Dr Leo provides a high standard of care to all of his patients, and he is always available to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s health.

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you’re part of our family

You become part of our family! We love building personal relationships with you and your pet.

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Diverse Culture 

Our staff speak your language. We are fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese & Taiwanese Hokkien

Mount Gravatt veterinary clinic

Education Focused Care

We Provide you with the best knowledge to care for your beloved “Plus One”

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Affordable Surgery and Service

We want everyone to have access to pet care regardless of budget.


07 3707 5432


07 3707 5434

Exceptional Pet Care

Recent Upper Mt Gravatt Vet Reviews

Emma Lees


I highly recommend Dr Leo Wong and his team at PlusOne Vet.
They went “above and beyond” to help me and my cat George when he needed cruciate ligament surgery. I was extremely anxious, and the level of care they offered really put my mind at ease.
George healed quickly from his operation and was able to put weight on his leg within 1 week of surgery. Dr Leo was very happy with his progress.
I was new to the area and found PlusOne online. I’m really glad that I reached out to them. Their services were more affordable than other vets, and they really do care. The staff are all really friendly. George is definitely my “PlusOne” and he got the best help I could have hoped for. Thank you so much!

Charlie Fanggidae


“We are excited that Dr Leo has opened up his own practice! Under unfavourable circumstances we brought our fur child in for assessment and treatment, and had nothing short but extremely favourable service. We have appreciated the incredible care and compassion extended to us and our boy, especially under short notice. We have had superb follow up, which highlights the importance of holistic care at the practice. We will be recommending and referring our friends and family to Plus One!”

Duncan Lin


“We took our dog to Plus One Vet last Tuesday for his eye infection. Dr Leo is professional, caring and thorough. He knows how to ease our minds, both my dog and me. Thanks to Dr Leo. My dog gets well very quickly. Dr Leo speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin. He speaks your language. I highly recommend Dr Leo.

Eris Chen


“I highly recommend Dr Leo as he always goes the extra mile with everything for both my dog and my cat.”

He is very gentle and take a lot of care making sure we are well informed and stay up to date with our worming schedule and vaccination.

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