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What To Expect At Your Local Northgate Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to your local Northgate Vet with Plus One Vet.

Conveniently situated near Northgate, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier veterinary care to the larger Northgate area. Our dedicated team of experts provides compassionate and professional services tailored to the unique needs of your beloved pets.

At Plus One Vet, we believe every animal deserves the highest standard of care and we strive to ensure that we’re your first choice when you’re looking for a vet near Northgate.

General pet health check

Preventative Pet Care

Regular check-ups are recommended 2 times a year to help keep your beloved pet in optimal health.

Vet surgery Northgate Queensland

Pet Surgery & Desexing

Our pet surgery offers surgeries from spaying and neutering, to more complex surgical procedures. No matter what your pet needs we have the skills to operate under one roof. 

Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations 

Your pet requires a number of core and non-core vaccinations throughout their life. Our team can help you to create a plan to keep your beloved pet healthy.

Pet Dental & Cleaning

Pet Dentistry 

At Plus One Vet we offer full dental examinations, pet dental cleanings and extractions to ensure your pet’s oral health is at its best.

dog Xray

Diagnostic Imaging

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to offer in-house Advanced diagnostics including digital X-rays, ultrasound and laboratory testing.

Emergency Vet Northgate, Brisbane

If you’re a pet owner living in Northgate, Plus One Vet is your best option for veterinary care. Not only are we conveniently located, but our commitment to providing top-notch care is unrivalled. Our clinic also offers a number of emergency appointments each day so that no matter when you need us, we’re here to 

Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of your pets. We offer a wide range of services, from regular check-ups and vaccinations to emergency care. Plus, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to cater to all your pet’s healthcare needs.

When it comes to finding a vet near Northgate, you can trust Plus One Vet to deliver the compassionate and professional care your pet deserves.

Vet Surgeon
Northgate Vet Clinic Brisbane
Dr Delores Wong - Veterinarian

Why Choose Our Northgate Vet Clinic 

If you’re searching for a vet for dogs near Northgate in Brisbane, look no further than Plus One Vet. Our clinic is well-renowned for providing exceptional care for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Our experienced veterinarians understand that each dog is unique and requires a tailored approach to maintain their health and well-being. From routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and dental care, to more complex matters like orthopaedic surgeries or emergency treatments, we’re equipped to handle all your dog’s healthcare needs.

As a local vet near Northgate, we’re committed to giving your furry friend the compassionate, professional care they deserve.

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